Allow me to introduce you to the CocoLoco Band. The CocoLoco Band was born as the brainchild of longtime friends TJ Bahama (Lead Vocals) and Dave Olen (a.k.a. Big Wave Dave) in the Margaritaville Café of the Montego Bay, Jamaica Airport.

During a flight layover from Chicago to Curacao, the two friends were watching videos of Jimmy Buffett concert performances while cooling off with the soothing beverages of the region.

After much philosophical discussion, it was decided that TJ Bahama should come out of musical retirement from his days at The Baja Beach Club of Chicago. Upon returning stateside, TJ proceeded to call some of his former musical partners and like a tide swelling offshore, the CocoLoco Band was born and the project had taken on life.

Today, the CocoLoco Band travels extensively providing a high-energy, take no prisoners, tropical escape for landlocked corporate types and those seeking the adventure and relaxation of warm weather destinations of afar.

Like blending the perfect margarita, the band mixes in songs by Jimmy Buffett and other tropically inspired artists, to weave a hammock of tunes that blend in all the elements of a tropical getaway. Warm weather, sun, surf, soothing beverages, distant ports of call and all-out no apologies revelry help transport coco loco fans to a place where as one song says…."Troubles I forgot 'em…I buried' em in the sand."-         


T.J. Bahama